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Welcome to your One-Stop-Mega-Trailer and Camper Trailers Sales and Service Center in Gauteng. Your search for your perfect trailer is over. We have the trailers or camper trailer you want. We stock them all. The full range. Any type of trailer you can imagine.

Get the right trailer for the right job. Not only do we sell trailers, we service and repair them too. We have spares and supply service and repairs for all the trailers in South Africa. Including:

Venter Trailers and Yes even your no-name brand trailer, can be serviced and repaired by trailer.co.za

The outdoors is beckoning you to enjoy our beautiful country!
We have the right camping trailer for you and your pocket.
Enjoy your holidays in style from now on, with our vast range of affordable, comfortable holiday camping trailers.

Trailers for carrying quad bikes, scooter trailers and bikes trailers, horse-box trailers, garden refuse trailers, and yes, even a trailer for your mother in law's furniture when she moves in with you.

We have the right trailer for your need. Speak to us now!

You deserve a break. The fishing waters and the hiking trails are calling.

The perfect camping trailer is waiting for you at Trailer.Coza and
we stock a vast range and models of Venter brands. Have some fun and relax.

The trailers are right.
The camper trailers are right.
The price is right.
Summer is begging you to come and play.

Compare trailer models and trailer prices at your leisure.

Plenty of trailers and trailer stock on hand.

No waiting for your trailer.
Biggest variety of trailers, best trailer prices.

Why don't you give us a call during office hours or visit our show-room in Kyalami for the best deal and range of trailers in Gauteng.

We specialize in trailers and camping trailers. South African and imported trailers, we stock the whole range of trailers.

  • Luggage Trailers
  • Flat bed trailers
  • Cattle Trailers
  • Horse Box Trailers
  • Kiosk Trailers
  • Quad bike and bike trailers
  • Vehicle trailers
  • 4 X 4 and camping trailers
  • Custom Built Trailers
You just found your Trailer.
Because we are sitiutated in the heart of Horse Country in Kyalami, we have the right horse box trailer for you.

Horse Box Trailers, Sales, Spares, Service and repairs.

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We always have plenty of trailers in stock.
Our show-room is packed with Venter Trailers,
and trailer spares and accessories.

We also stock electrical parts and tail-lights for trailers.
We sell trailers from our show room in Kyalami,
Gauteng, South Africa.

Safety equipment for your trailer now in stock.

Tel: 0860 TRAILER / 011 466 2997
Tel: 0860 TRAILER / 011 466 2997