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Automatically triggered application of disinfectant solution. Non touch Hand Sanitizer

Application is a fine mist. Disinfects body and shopping without making it wet.

Kills 99% of surface viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi

Robust steel construction

220v power with high-quality water pump and fine misting nozzles.

Non-slip tread plate flooring with drainage system in place

Perfect for entrances to offices, schools, retail outlets, hospitals, public transport depots, factories etc.

Ensures your compliance to Level 4 regulations to disinfect all persons entering or leaving your premises.

Wide enough to push through shopping trolleys, prams & wheelchairs.

Very low sanitiser cost, per application.

Sanitiser safe for clothing, skin, shopping and other materials.

  • Keep South Africa safe and helping to curb the spread of the virus.



P R O T E C T I N G  S O U T H A F R I C A

The booth is wide enough to push through trolleys and other similar sized items, eliminating the need to manually wipe down trolleys, bags or equipment.

Specific hand sanitizing nozzles are placed at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, No touch sanitizer. Santizes parcles and shopping when entering and leaving the premises.

It is constructed of a steel frame with either steel or perspex sides. Units come standard in white, however can be customised using a colour of your choice.

A fine mist coats the the entire body and articles, but without feeling like youve had a shower.

The application of sanitizer is automatic as it is sensor triggered, thereby preventing unnecessary waste of the disinfecting solution

The recommended solution is a broad spectrum disinfectant that kills 99% of known viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi and are perfectly safe to apply to clothing, skin and other materials.

Branding stickers can be made to your specifications

Excess liquid trickles into the drainage tray which is piped away.

A highquality water pump with a 100 litre water tank is utilised. This can be upgraded to 200 litres (to be specified at time of order).

The standard units use 220v power however should you require a freestanding unit where no electricity is available,a solar panel, regulator and inverter can be supplied and fitted.

Lockable wheels can be fitted to the units to allow for easy movement between areas (optional extra).

Our walkthrough disinfecting booths are designed to quickly and efficiently deliver a measured application of disinfectant in order to reduce the spread of COVID 19 and killing 99% of known viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi via highpressure, misting nozzles.

They are ideal to place at the entrance and exists of retail stores (giving clients peace of mind), schools, offices, factories, public transport stations, hospitals, airports etc.

COVID 19 regulations require that all people and items are disinfected before entering your premises.

These booths make this process simple and thorough. allowing application of disinfectant to hands through a ‘no touch’ trigger.

We have identified several options in terms of disinfecting solutions.

All of which cost a few cents per application. These solutions are broad spectrum disinfectants that kill a variety of viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi and are perfectly safe to apply to clothing, skin and other materials.

We are able to provide the sanitising solution, or you may obtain your own.

Our Design

Our units are manufactured using a steel frame with chromadek or perspex side panels.

The steel and chromadek and are painted with a highquality, chip resistant paint, in standard white.

The floor is aluminium tread plate which prevents slipping when wet.

Excess sanitiser drips though to an underfloor pan which exits via a pipe. This can be fed into a drain or container.


Length : 1800mm

Width : 1220mm

Height :2270mm

An optional extra is available, to have the unit fitted on lockable wheels, which will allow the unit to be more easily moved.

We can supply custom build units to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Units can be shipped to anywhere within South Africa, but will be at your cost.

Delivery costs will be calculated, based on your location.

Standard Unit : R 49,000, excluding VAT, excluding Delivery

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