Trailer.CoZa was established in 1998, and was purely a Venter Dealer. At that stage of the market the smaller leisure range i.e. Luggage trailers did not have any major competition in the market, besides some smaller trailer manufactures, i.e. Karet, Hunter, and Glider, to mention a few. The 4×4 market at that stage also had not been touched, and Venter, Glider and Conqueror where the only ones. Trailers could only be bought through your local Venter agents and not even the caravan dealers were in the luggage market yet.

During the year 2001/2002 the Venter brand had taken a poor dip in the market, purely due to a lack of management at that stage: The group then was up for liquidation when Michael Kates committed suicide after his wife lost the bid at the auction to a German owned company Metrnister i.e. “Mr. D. Hamman”.

The Venter brand then started to turn and Mr. D. Hamman had recovered a house hold brand and re-established itself again in the market place.

As expected, this took Mr. D. Hamman a certain period of time, the unexpected happened, Jasper Venter, the original owner re-established a portion of the market and become known as Challenger Trailers, which most of the ex staff expertise from Venter, at this stage, the 4×4 market also became bigger, and believe from about 2004 both these markets start becoming very competitive and quite a strong market where some of the 4×4 manufactures were established but not to go into too much detail on that at this stage.

Thus the call for a recognized retail outlet of competitive trailer brands in the market place. Trailer.CoZa then established itself by only dealing with well established recognized trailer manufacturers. We have always believed that a client will buy something that he might not even really uses to its full potential, but wants one, because all his friends have one.

We at Trailer.CoZa will try and put you in the right direction for which each trailer would suite he’s need and compare prices for him.

Most of the trailers components are individual outsourced from axle manufacturers, spring manufacturers, light manufacturers, etc_ what counts is the steel used, type of steel, thickness, pending on which trailer, you are not going to buy luggage trailer to move concrete, and it falls apart the first few trips you’ve used it as most of us do, and would then want to know way it is not covered by the warranty.

So we at Trailer. CoZa will try and help you the best product suited for your needs at the best prices.

Please don’t forget to leave things too late this year, when servicing or buying your trailers, as safety is our first concern, we should think of our family’s safety first and get yourselves sorted out early_