Traveller 3/4 ton SLK (unbraked)

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1. Designed for transportation of luggage, bulky goods, plants, sport equipment, parcels etc.
2. Body and roof constructed from 0.9mm corrosion resistant electro-galvanised sheet steel.
3. Doors are lockable and can be found at the side and the back of the trailer for easy loading.
4. Sides are strengthened by formed hat-sections which prevents drumming and vibration.
5. Aerodynamic round nose cone reduces wind resistance and provides packing space.
6. Including spare wheel 165x13 inch
7. The trailer has a design registration No. F2004/0491, since 15 April 2004. Copyright also applies in respect of the trailer.


A Height (over all) 1840 mm
B Height (side) 1340 mm
C Length (body) 2690 mm
D Length (over all) 3660 mm
E Width (inside) 1525 mm
F Width (over all) 2010 mm
G Ground Clearance 235 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 400 kg
GVM 750 kg
Pay Load 350 kg
Brakes No Brakes
Axle Length 1830 mm
Axle Capacity 1250 kg
Leaf Springs 10 Blade
Wheels 165 x 13 inch
Door (rear - height) 1010 mm
Door (rear - width) 1070 mm
Door (side - height) 1010 mm
Door (side - width) 550 mm