4 x 4 Quad Bike Tipper

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This Quad Bike Trailer features the following:

1. Perfectly balanced, yet light weight and durable
2. Lugs on sides to secure bikes in transit
3. Bikes can be loaded from the rear, trailer tips
4. Gas-lift assisted tipping action
5. Sprung securing bolt keeps trailer horizontal until released
6. Gas-lift assisted tipping action comes int play on release of sprung bolt
7. Two solid trailer support legs at the rear for stabilising in tipped position
8. Hinged rear ramp for providing easy access for quad bike to drive onto trailer
9. Hinged rear ramp secured by anti-loose fasteners
10. Solid steel floor with raised perforations for grip and drainage
11. Fitted with a lockable galvanised-dipped coupler (lock optional)
12. Equipped with a handbrake chain
13. Plug holder for electrical connection plug mounted on coupler
14. Adjustable robust 6-inch jockey wheel
15. multi-function LED tailights with triangle reflectors on rear panels
16. Licence holder fitted to mudguard
17. Numberplate holder and numberplate light fitted to rear recess of pivoting ramp
18. Spare wheel holder with spare wheel 165x13 inch mounted on front A-frame
19. Fitted with a Rubax axle
20. Brake chain provided for parking the trailer


A Height (over all) 640 mm
B Height (side) 200 mm
C Length (body) 1970 mm
D Length (over all) 3190 mm
E Width (inside) 1310 mm
F Width (over all) 1800 mm
G Ground Clearance 220 mm
Technical Info
Tare Mass 200 kg
GVM 700 kg
Pay Load 500 kg
Brakes No brakes
Axle Length 1610 mm
Axle Capacity 750 kg
Leaf Springs Rubber axle
Wheels 165 x 13 inch